Wednesday, January 23, 2008

some new goods

My sisters visit with us sadly ends tomorrow. But we have certainly gotten our fair share of shopping and baby holding/spoiling.

Here are some new shoes for the little ones.

A new coat for me.

myy lap in a pair of pants I've been wanting
and some fabric for a project I'm going to do,

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the finished job sometime soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Things have been going pretty smoothly around here. And the transition from 1 to 2 is a little less difficult than expected. Sam is in love with his new baby sister, and we love her two.
My dear sister Alexis shipped herself across the country to come to be with us for Phoebe's baptism this coming Sunday. She is throwing me a baby shower tonight! And all this with out my prior knowledge. Goodness. I'm so excited and happy about it all. I tried taking some new pictures of the babe but didn't realize till I left the house that I had no CF card. :(
I'll try again tomorrow. And hopefully with that picture I'll have some to show of the clothes I"ll buy. Us girls like to shop.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's a girl!

Phoebe Mae
8 pounds 1 ounce
19 3/4 inches
born 6:20AM January 9, 2008

Both mom and baby are doing well.

I'm sure Grace will want to update later.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

using up some time

I have two words on my mind. Merino wool. How did I not know about this yarn! I am now currently buying it exclusively. I used it to make my greenway fingerless gloves.
And decided the baby would benefit from a sweater. Which I did not use a pattern for. (the outcome will determine whether or not a finished picture will make it into this blog) So far so good, but you know how things can "happen" at the end of projects. Here is the yarn and needles in the sweater.
I feel in love with the color. I thought it would work equally well for a male or female nugget. We are still coming to a conclusion on names. So its a good thing the baby is taking its time. But, I'm not sure how much more I can stretch so I hope its not too comfortable. We can't wait to see you baby.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

not quite yet

I haven't reached my due date yet... but since Sam came nine days early I can't help but wonder what this baby is waiting for. I'm knitting a scarf for him. (no I don't know that it is a boy or girl I'm just going with him for the sake of avoiding it) And looking at wonderful fabrics at I'd love to make these fingerless gloves next. The pattern is on the purlbee. I'm sure there is plenty winter left to enjoy with them. And this striped romper from the little fashion gallery is so cute. I might want to make an extra tote to carry the childrens things in it. Some of these fabrics could come in handy there. But I think I might need to re-figure my crafting time.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy new year!

Christmas was wonderful here. Joel and I had a wonderful 4th anniversary celebratory night out. Dates are so precious to us because they are so few and far between. This was one for the books.
We got to try a well recommended spot. Everything was delicious.
In our short time together we have had so much joy, and so much to hold on to and be thankful for. Sam and the new little one on the way. Speaking of which, we are beyond excited. The birthing tub is set, and ready to go. Baby clothes are washed and set, just waiting for a sign as to when we can expect our newest member. Until then we are laying low. Enjoying our last few days as three.