Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh fall,............

We have gone from welcoming the fall to begging the fall to come and stay.

The leaves are orange, burgundy, and yellow. I made the soup, but the thermometer says 80.

I'd really love to turn my fans off for a couple months. I'd be more than willing to feel a cool breeze and want a cozy sweater. But I guess all in due time.
In the meantime, to help bring on that cozy feeling, I started knitting a blanket for the wee one.
My idea of knitting is a little something like, "cast on and knit away". But what really happens is" cast on, re-count, undo. Cast on re-count, undo" This happens roughly 4 times before it is about right. Then the knitting begins. And thus it has. So here I go.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I've decided to make the switch to cloth diapers. I feel that this change has been long coming. And I'm surprised that I'm just getting around to it. After lots of research online, (I don't have anyone local to guide me) I think I'd like to try a pocket. Made of PUL and cotton flannel. With a waffle-weave microfiber soaker. Does anyone with some experience have any tips or guidance? I'd like to try and make it on my own. The pattern is not an issue, but I'd love to hear some feed back on favorite materials. Or even great combos other that the PUL/flannel?

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I do really enjoy this city. This was Joel and I's second visit since wedded bliss. The first time babe # 1 wasn't around to enjoy it with us. We visited the Franklin Institue Science museum. Which was wonderful for adults and children. With hands on play exhibits in the center of a room, visible from all the reading and visuals around the perimeter. We originally set out to see King Tut,
but at a whopping $35 extra after museum entrance fees, and a lack a time, we decided to be satisfied without him.
Papa helps Sam touch the air plane
Daddy and Sam fly the plane
Uncle Kyle Can fly too.

We also got to shop the Reading Terminal Market.
The food,
Ah the food.
I love these markets and hope they never go away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A lot has been going on since my last posted. So this might be a long one. Picturewise.

We took a much needed, long (8 full days) vacation to Idaho to visit our family and some friends. We had a good blast. Lounging, eating, fellowshipping camping, hiking, and worshiping. Samuel did great on the plane. I should really give him more credit and say he was good while we traveled because there was a good share of driving and waiting in between the flying. And he was a regular peach. I'm surprised that airlines don't feed you anymore. Everything is lame, and for purchase only. Luckily, they don't give you a fit about bringing food on with you. After the major check points. Before said check points they even made me throw out a half finished bottle of water. I wasn't even allowed to finish it before doing so. "alright, alright"