Monday, March 12, 2007

wonderful weekend::would you?

We went away to Pennsylvania for the weekend. To visit future family and these wonderful congregants. Its always such a pleasure to see them all. Even though the time spent is short.
We always look foward to going back. Which could be sooner than we thought. They are having a St. Pastricks psalm sing this coming friday. I love psalm singing in large #'s. Which is pretty much anything larger than 8 people. Its edifying!! All thouse voices praising God is so glorious. Its reaches my soul I tell you. That reminds me, Sam started to sing amen at the end of hymns. Its great to see him participate in worship service. Even though its just a tiny bit. He knows whats going on for the most part. That is, when he's not causing a disruption.

We got to do some thrifting in lancaster county. Much better resources than we have locally.
I got Sam a bunch of stuff. Books and clothes, and found this for me.

Okay here it is. The finished project:

Here it is. One print/color of two. Of course minutes before we left friday afternoon I just needed to finish it so I could bring it with me. Don't you love a needle that breaks at just the right time? Two inches from finishing the last seam.
I've been working on the structure of this bag for years I hate to say. I have a mild obsession with totes. And their functionality. A bag can look really cute on the racks but if it won't stay up or you can't reach in to get to the goods without a fight, what good is it? So here is what I've come up with so far. Would anyone be intrested? I might have to put in the shop.
Click on the bag to see the other photos I took.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

things that make me happy,

Before you get excited, I'm not trying to make a habit of posting everyday. It is completely coincidental, and subsequently will not last. Some things that make me smile:

snow, even when its not really enough to play in,

reading to Sam. These slippers, these little owls, this cocktail, this mop,
this fabric store, even though they will not ship to me, I know I'll get to go there someday.
And this issue of cookie magazine.

A new tote that will one day make its way into my currently empty shop, then hopefully into the arms of its new loving owner. Its taking much longer than I wanted it to. But that's because something was missing. It needed a special little su'um, su'um. Thankfully I have found it and have continued its progress. I should post some pictures, but it might be more fun if its a surprise.


How unbelieveably cute are these thank you notes?
I tend to buy lots of grey and orange for my son. And, he happens to really enjoy elephants. His grandparents got him these guys that now sit in his corner of the room. I think this would fit in well with his growing collection. You can get them here at And while your at it check out all the other sweet goods they have to offer.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well the party on saturday went splendidly. I'm always nervous when providing any kind of entertainment. Will my guests like the food? the music? Will they be bored out of their minds? Well, I think they enjoyed the food at least. Which consisted of Baked macaroni and cheese, coissant panini and mesculun greens salad with gorgonzola and dried cranberries. The dessert was cupcakes cookies and this decetent creamchesse tart my husbands mother makes. She puts fresh blueberries, peaches and almonds on top.... Yum. I was happy when the party was over not stressed. Sucsess!

I'm sure some, if not all of you are wondering about my empty etsy shop. Zero items listed; zero items sold? Yeah I'm working on that. I've kinda hit a lump in the progress of some upcoming goods. When will I be done, I can't give any definites because I have none. But sooner than later is the goal.

Friday, March 02, 2007

one year

At this time last year I couldn't believe what my body had gone through and accomplished. God had given us a precious gift. It all seamed so unreal. (It kinda still does actually) But he really is here, he really is ours, and its really been a year.

todays agenda:
frost cupcakes
get ready for house guests
finish painting Mr.jude's bike