Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A lot has been going on since my last posted. So this might be a long one. Picturewise.

We took a much needed, long (8 full days) vacation to Idaho to visit our family and some friends. We had a good blast. Lounging, eating, fellowshipping camping, hiking, and worshiping. Samuel did great on the plane. I should really give him more credit and say he was good while we traveled because there was a good share of driving and waiting in between the flying. And he was a regular peach. I'm surprised that airlines don't feed you anymore. Everything is lame, and for purchase only. Luckily, they don't give you a fit about bringing food on with you. After the major check points. Before said check points they even made me throw out a half finished bottle of water. I wasn't even allowed to finish it before doing so. "alright, alright"

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  1. hi Grace, your vacation looked great! i'm loving your bump too.. thanks for your comments on my blog x