Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8 random things

Libby tagged me. So here goes nothing.........

1. I hate getting up in the morning. But, love to be up early.

2. I love the rain. It rained/drizzled throughout my entire honeymoon in London with my husband. Something about it always brings me back to that dreamy week.

3. I Love the hustle and bustle of shopping on black friday. Its kind of like the playoffs for sports fans. Only for shoppers.

4. I love the act of drinking tea. But never get around to it as much as I would like.

5. I am extremely indecisive. This drives my husband and everyone around me stark raving mad.

6. I would love to have 7 children.

7. I live in a sea town, but don't boat or like the beach that much. (I'll take the lobster thank you)

8. My hair and nails grow extremely slowly. This has been a sad point for me all my life. But now that I'm I'm on prenatal vitamins, they are growing like weeds. And all I do is cut them.

Hopefully I didn't just bore anyone to sleep.

I'm tagging Alexis, Nicole, Fanja, Sally, Erin, Grace,

Here are the rules:

*link to the person who tagged you
*post the rules
*name 8 things others don't know about you
*link to 8 other bloggers.

Even though I could only come up with 6. Maybe you have more friends than me.


  1. oh, now i've been tagged twice. I had better get on this - maybe. xx, nicky

  2. Seven children? are you sure??
    thanks for tagging me Grace, i need to think about those 8 things about me now..
    and thanks for your comment , it was much appreciated today. take care x

  3. 7 kids! Wow!!! That is impressive!!