Thursday, November 08, 2007

mamas got a brand new scarf

I have an issue with staying with one project at a time. So this kept getting thrown to the bottom of the yarn basket. But after completing a scarf to match the striped hat I made Sam I needed to finish it. Its single thread seed stitch with a ribbed end on each side. I threw on some buttons I had been saving for something fun. They help hold it in place, since I didn't make it long enough to tie.
I'm trying not to get overwhelmed with the thought of Christmas crafting/shopping. I'm on orders to take it easy as too not have this baby earlier than necessary. So, I'll be doing most of my shopping online. My house is a bit shambled-like, and my son has been watching a lot of Buzz Light year. (as per his request) Sigh,.....
I love receiving packages in the mail, that part is all fun. I'll just have to try to get over the rest.
Wish me some luck.


  1. fabulous scarf! love the buttons.

    buzz light year! we still love him over here!!!

    good luck on the shopping/making of gifts!

  2. grace, can't wait for the babe! hope the whole family is well. will you be seeing alexis for the holiday's? love you!

  3. Is there any other way than shopping on line? Browsing and comparing while you are in your pjs sipping coffee is well worth the cost of shipping in my mind! Plus, they will wrap it for you! Cute scarf...keep us up to date on baby news!

  4. It's nice that you can buy handmade online.

    Those sound like nice holiday plans. Glad you get to see everybody. Ben has only a few vacation days left for the year, so Thanksgiving day will be just us and Ben's mother and my family will both come for Christmas. Then we're selfishly using those last few vacation days for a New Year's/1 year anniversary getaway.

    Only five weeks - I thought you had longer than that to go. That's terribly exciting. xx, nicky

  5. ooh, that's really cute! love the buttons.

  6. Nice. Where are my videos of the boy?

  7. I always forget that you're not on xanga anymore! Wow, I can't believe you're so far along already! You look gorgeous in your previous post, by the way. And super cute scarf.