Wednesday, November 21, 2007

walks::adventures in toddler beds

We had such a gorgeous late fall day this week, we had to go out and enjoy it. We usually get our snow late. As in, when you are just about ready for spring. So we'll keep the colors for as long as possible.

Sam has been out of the crib for just about a month now. He would go to sleep willingly on a regular basis. But, since the bars have been removed he has embraced his new found freedom. Not to much crying goes on, but there is plenty book reading, swinging,( We put up the infant swing in preparation recently) and just plain ol' playing. Add to the mix the fact that he can now open doors he feels the need to regularly check-up on what we are doing outside the room. He's also been wandering the apartment at night. finding cups and toys he needs to have stashed in his sheets with him. I guess it could be worse.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you find and never ending list of things to thank God for!

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