Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas leaving our house

I made our Christmas cards! With the emphasis being on the fact that they are done and mailed not so much the hand made part. Our cards from last year,

was photographer by my husband and I loved them. But with a little bit more on our plates this year, and the fact that I didn't really want to send out cards with my rounded face on them for everyone to remember, we decided to go crafty. It was pretty fun making the stamps and mixing paints until little man tate woke a bit early from his nap. Did I mention he needs to do everything you do? Only a hand full were ruined, and the rest were stamped and sent today! We'll deem that one a success.

I don't know if everyone has as much trouble as I do getting my 22 month old to eat anything green. He does considerably well will cucumber. But they are really just a lot of water.
Well, I was reminded (by the muffins yesterday) I could at least try hiding the green if it didn't seem so friendly at first. So I made zucchini bread. I altered the recipe a bit and used whole wheat flour and a bit less sugar. It called for a whole cup! I think its tasty. Lets hope he thinks so too. That would make my day.


  1. i also have this vegetable-eating problem with jacob. i just bought that "deceptively delicious" book by jerry seinfeld's wife. let's hope it helps us.

    hope you're feeling well! the time is rapidly approaching! you must be so excited!

  2. Ophelia doesn't eat fresh veggies, either. I have to hide them. I developed a very flavorful batch of ratatouille (with lots of curry) and she'll eat that.

  3. aww. what an adorable card and even more adorable family. :)

    vege muffin sounds good.

    jinu doesn't eat many variety of vege, but eats a lot of peas and raddish and tofu with savory sauce.. like some soy sauce or salt with sesame oil.

  4. Yummy bread! Love the Christmas cards, too cute! We are doing well. I'm now five months along and with this one being my fourth, I feel huge! I can't imagine how big I'll be at 9 months, yikes! Have a merry Christmas and hope everything is delightful!

  5. The cards are wonderful Grace.

    Thank you also for your kind words re. the little blue cardi.

    x Melissa

  6. Good work on the bread, cards, and nails. See you on Wednesday. Yesssss!