Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy new year!

Christmas was wonderful here. Joel and I had a wonderful 4th anniversary celebratory night out. Dates are so precious to us because they are so few and far between. This was one for the books.
We got to try a well recommended spot. Everything was delicious.
In our short time together we have had so much joy, and so much to hold on to and be thankful for. Sam and the new little one on the way. Speaking of which, we are beyond excited. The birthing tub is set, and ready to go. Baby clothes are washed and set, just waiting for a sign as to when we can expect our newest member. Until then we are laying low. Enjoying our last few days as three.


  1. I am anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat- waiting with you! New Baby, New Year- very blessed indeed.

  2. Happy new year Grace! Enjoy your last moments of pregnancy.. can't wait either! x

  3. Happy New Year~

    A little more to go until little one comes along! Hope you are staying warm~ (if you are from cold city like I am. NYC is frigid cold today!)

  4. I can't wait till your precious one arrives!!!! It is the best feeling in the whole world to hold that sweet one. Praying for an easy safe delivery!

  5. Oh how wonderful to have such a date, looks like some good eating too! Can't wait for this baby to come, birthing tubs are rad!!! We'll be praying for you!

  6. I can't beileve the lil thing didn't come out while I was there...I guess pictures and video will have to suffice until April. Ba...humbug.

  7. Happy New Year, Grace . . . it will be a wonderful 2008 for you and your family!
    x Melissa

  8. Thanks for messaging me on Facebook. I'm doing pretty well. Tired, but my iron supplement (Floradix) is really helping. Which birthing tub did you go with? Do you own it, or are you renting?

    We're trying to figure out which tub to get this next week. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

    When's your due date? I am 33 weeks (Friday)! It's really flying by. This week I'm finally starting to think about what I need for baby #2. Crazy! With Aletheia I was getting stuff ready once I was in my second trimester. Now that I'm weeks away, I think I better get started. :-)

    You can answer me back on my blog if you want. Tell me how you're doing. Do you have a nursery?