Thursday, March 06, 2008

too much on my plate.

We are going on a trip to Disney World at the end of this month. What this means to me besides fun, is that I need to coordinate wardrobes, and get the family looking spiffy. This is a sport and more fun than anything else for me. But with only three and a half weeks until departure, trying to make five garments, (some for Easter which comes before we leave) and print some t-shirts, might be a tall order. Okay, its a tall order. I will admit it. I'm going to try anyhow. I'll document the finished pieces as I go.

Here is project #1: my everything bag.

I plan on putting a little zipper pouch inside for all my little goodies. You know, make-up, cell phone. I just ran out of "my babies are all peaceful, I should sew" time.


  1. ugh. you are disgusting. (Joke.) Nice bag! That totally inspires me.

  2. I sooooo love that bag!! The fabric is perfect, just perfect. Sounds like a lot of fun planning and a great time. Remember, it's the memories and fun that count, not just the organizing and stressing. Hugs and have a great day!

  3. hey, can you let me in on something you're NOT good at so i can stop hating myself?
    haha totally kidding. but you sew such beautiful things! and in so little time! very nice job, grace. i especially love the print on the interior of your bag. i can't wait to get a peek at the other projects you're working on.
    disney world! what a blast!
    (i tried making this comment already and got an error message. i'm sorry if it shows up twice!)

  4. oh you don't fool me one bit. ;)
    yes, the movies thing is a tremendous help and is part of the reason we get the haircuts at home now. he doesn't mind the tugging and combing and what not, but he really hates when the hair falls all over him. we were trying mass amounts of lollipops and candy at the salon for a while but the hair would inevitably fall over that as well, causing even more upset.
    the movie. i really liked it. and i don't seem to like movies that much anymore, so i was really pleased. i liked it for what it was and the grand scheme of the film, but of course, there's always some content that i don't appreciate. but it seems you'll have that with every movie.
    sorry for the two semi-huge comments right in a row here!

  5. Yeah, you know where to send that bag when you have had your fill.
    And yes you are disgusting.

  6. The inside fabric is wonderful!