Saturday, May 24, 2008

Okay, bad brownies. Note to self- never use milk chocolate for baking. Only dark, semi, or bitter sweet. Moving on. We seem to be spending saturdays in the garden. We are really liking it. Even though it looked the same as last week. With the addition of some aphids.
I learned from a friend that I could mix up some pepper spray and douse the dear little plants to protect them. So I'll need to be on the look out for a really hot pepper. Really hot. Any suggestions?


  1. You guys look awesome. I want a garden, but I'm being laztastic...I need to be happy with the inside before I can even start thinking about the outside part.

  2. Look at that happy Mama! You look great (love those boots) and looks like lots of fun in the garden! Happy Dirt days!

  3. i just used a dishsoap/water mixture and got rid of whiteflies. i read it does the same for aphids. it really worked. can't believe it.