Friday, June 27, 2008

new shoes

These are from the gap. I had one of those lovely $10 reward cards sent to me in the mail.
I went in there and bought Joel lots of socks. He loves them. And so do I. I was really looking for some new phenomenal pieces to add to my wardrobe but found none. Only these shoes stood out.
Then I realized, how comfortable they were compared with any given pair of shoes I had at home and decided it was a good idea. I saw these cute cute cuties in target.

They might really like to belong to me as well.


  1. your shoes are cool!!!
    from spain =)

  2. Don't you love Gap Rewards. Best invention.

    I just scored some major kids deals at baby Gap and Gap kids. I love their sales.

    very cute shoes for a very cute lady!!!!

  3. I miss my gap discount. boo
    50% off for three years.

  4. Oh les, you are too kind. What have you guys been up to in your neck of the woods?

  5. we have been trying to slow down and enjoy summer.... this week, maybe???

    we need a long island reunion...let's get working on that!!!! :-)