Friday, December 26, 2008

we got married

Five years ago today that is. It seems like yesterday that we said our vows, yet I feel like I've known Joel forever.

We celebrated by cleaning house. (oddly satisfying), and dining out at one of our favourite eateries. God is so good, and blesses us beyond belief. It really was a wonderful day and my life is wonderful as your wife honey. I love you. Here's to spending a zillion more years together.



  1. Many many more days, Gracie. Marriage is truely a great blessing.

  2. very nice! happy anniversary, penneys!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    If you'd like a Christmas card, tell me which one and email me your address, and I'll send it on Monday. I can't guarantee you'll win the Polaroid, but I can at least send you a card!

  4. Was this at SNAPS?
    Jealous if true.

  5. Thanks everyone. Yes it was snaps Alexis. It was perfectly divine.