Sunday, August 29, 2010


We finally went camping!
Way out in the sticks. Wild coyote, domestic chickens and all.
Some friends of ours own a good piece of land and were gracious enough to let us pitch our tent on their front lawn. This means that it was really cheater camping. Because they let us use the bath in the house. But that's exactly the kind of camping I like.
We are stilling working on getting the smell of the campfire out of our clothes and hair and knitting projects. Yes, I brought a project along. :) Such a blast!
Next time, I think we'll remember to go before the temperature drops to 40 degrees at night.


  1. I really wanted to go camping this summer, but somehow we missed all our opportunities! And oh my gosh. Salute Your Shorts was one of my very favorite shows as a kid, and now I love you even harder.

  2. Nice! Whose front yard did you camp in? (This is sort of looking like the view from the Wights?)

  3. Very good Ali. Yes it was the wights. We really did have a blast except that Bryony wasn't feeling very well. And I still haven't made it to the Market. :(