Friday, December 17, 2010

they finally did it

I am a moccasin girl. I have been for a very long time. Being part native (a very small part) made it seem natural. But, really I just think they are awesome. And so versatile! I bought my first authentic pair about 13 years ago at a pow wow in my home town. They are hand made by ya tribe whose name I forget, but they have been wonderful. They had to downfalls though. I cannot wear them year round because they are soft soled, and not warm enough in the winter. I've been holding out on getting myself another pair. Because I don't like the hard plastic soles you used to get on some pairs, and still, just one layer of leather is no where close to getting me through an Idaho winter. Then, J.Crew decided to sell these.

Yes, they have a rubber sole. Yes they are lined with shearling. And, yes they are on my Christmas list. Because I would wear them. Everyday. Like this.


  1. and YOU could get away with it :-) Cute cute!

  2. YES! I love them. And you and your kiddos. Thanks for an awesome morning. And yes, rock the moccasins!