Friday, January 21, 2011

cause I really like clogs, and these are grey.

I don't think this sweater would actually lay nicely over these sleeves, but the dress is so cute, and the sweater is so cute. I couldn't get rid of either. I know you understand.

We are locking someone's hair this weekend.
We're going to a birthday party, And visiting our favorite yarn shop!
But before I really sign off for the weekend, I wanted to share a few more links with you.

I really want to eat this.
What a cute little kitchen. Maybe One day I'll own a smeg.
I want this print.
This might make me more of a Walmart fan.
And last but not least. I think these would be really fun to make.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it! Good combo, even though it might not work in reality. ;)

    I'm guessing it would be Miss P that is having her hair done this weekend? Is she excited? Have fun!

  2. Liz! It isn't Phoebe. Her hair is not curly enough. It is a friend. But she is excited anyways!

    I think in reality, I would wear these shoes with a knit dress.
    note to self: make realistic combos.

  3. Well it's still fun to look at!

  4. The clogs are fabulous! Very cute :)