Thursday, January 27, 2011

locs: simply because it's more fun to spell it this way

I forget to share pictures of myself here. I take a terrible self portrait really, and after so many bad pictures a girl kinda gives up. I've got to try a little harder because I'd like to keep track of my locs, if nothing else. It has been four years this month since I put locs in my hair. And I think I've just come into a comfort zone. You know, what products I like to use, and a beauty regime.
I am always inspired by this channel. Her styles are always fun. Even though I've only tried a hand-full. It's become easy, and breezy. :) Which is perfect because, gosh I don't have a ton of time to pamper myself these days. Three kids will do that I guess.

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  1. What products?? Share please so this white mama can do right by my brown baby's hair! -Mel McGuire :)

  2. if I could do that to my hair, I would in a heart beat. It's smoking.

  3. Mel! for my locks, I use practically nothing. Clarifying shampoo, and coconut oil. It makes my hair happy.

  4. I love locs but my hair is too thin for them to look good. My hair has been in kinky twists for a while b/c i just dont feel like dealing with it. And gosh, we are in talks about baby #3. Right now baby number two is makin me a little nuts