Monday, January 10, 2011

this week's menu

1. Pulled beef sandwiches with cole slaw( we had this at a friends house last week and my mouth won't stop watering)
2. Minestrone
3. Thai Panang curry
4. Welsh rarebit burgers
5. Roasted chicken and vegetables
6. Spaghetti and meatballs

Yesterday Phoebe turned three. We have so much fun with you honey. Thank you for bringing us the joys of princesses, pink, and all things little girl.


  1. Funny. We just had number 1 for dinner yesterday. Yum. And we are having #2 for tonight's supper. (I froze a big vat of it before Liam was born, and it is now thawed and ready to go.) But as for #3, well, I think I just might invite myself over to your house for a taste. But in case I don't get there, you need to post your recipe!

  2. Hannah it is a great recipe that I got from Beth.
    I'll email it over. ;)
    Way to go on the freezing your own meals. In preparation for busy nights.

  3. mmmmm! could I get that recipe too? we LOVE Thai--seriously, we could eat Asian everyday!