Thursday, February 10, 2011

we should be getting stairs

We did a little bit of a house renovation this past fall. And even though we aren't done, I'm putting together some ideas for how to decorate this newly configured space. We went up, so we will gain a stairway. (We don't currently have one of these) I think I'd like for it to look something like this.

image found here.

I love the globes.


  1. Love it. I will come over and just hang out in your stairwell.

  2. I love globes, too. They're pretty much the best. Well, that staircase is pretty amazing, too, actually!

  3. nice!! Ben and I have talked about how much we'd love to build a bookshelf into the space under the stairs.

  4. So fun. I would love to have a staircase like that!