Wednesday, March 09, 2011


He didn't climb up here himself, even though he might be able too. I just love a baby on a table.

I haven't really been knitting. So I don't have any progress to show you that you would be able to notice. I just have to finish the sleeves. And pick buttons. But I have a spring bug. Which encourages me to make earrings, market totes, and pick out sundresses. Which I am going to do. Don't you worry. I just have to remember not to forget to finish this oh so close knitting project. Cause really I'm so close right? I guess it could be my fault that we keep getting snow and not spring.

p.s. I started to feel the baby move. :)


  1. So cute. I've been feeling Jack move for a while now and cherish it every time - it's my favorite thing about pregnancy!

  2. I am hoping that the Phoebster is going to be a big sister.
    Is that okay? You might be one of those "I just want a healthy baby" sort of people. But I sure LOVE having a sister (to steal clothes from, of course).
    Yay for moving babies!

  3. I would surely pick a girl if I could, but I could never send another baby man back!

  4. You're feeling the baby move?! That's amazing! I can not wait until I feel mine moving, although I think that won't be for another 5 weeks or so. Are you guys planning on finding out what you're having? I think we're going to, just because Paul and I are too curious...

  5. Ali, It's really early, probably because things are stretchy, and I know what it feels like. I think the normal time to feel first movement is something like 20-22 weeks. And we probably won't find out. We like the wait. But we did find out with our first!

  6. I love this... and babies on the table too, as long as someone is watching. I did a painting once of Daniel on the table when he was a toddler, called "Table Manners".