Monday, June 18, 2012

meal planning mondays

Its been too long since I made a proper post. So here it is. Complete with an outdated Easter photo I haven't shared.

1.Spaghetti with quick italian sausage meatballs
2.Bacon burgers on brioche buns
3.Chicken salad with almonds
4.Ground lamb souvlaki
5.Caramelized onion, ham, and Gruyere pizza
6.Rachel Khoo's lavender chicken

This past week end our town had its annual art walk. So much fun. Joel had prints up in two different venues. And of course they were beautiful.

It was such a treat to be downtown as a pedestrian again. Something I haven't done very much, since adding a fourth to our brood. Note to self,.. must do again.


  1. You spread a mean table, Grace!

  2. feedin' the sheep sister!

    and we get to do it again next week. ;)