Monday, March 18, 2013

Its really better that I do these meal plans here. Otherwise they don't get done at all. This means we eat a lot if chicken soup, and pizza. Not that those dinner are bad, its just that too much of them is a little lame. So here is it, Meal planning Monday.

1. eggs your way + hashbrowns
2. soaked oatmeal + raw butter + fruit + maple syrup
3. peanut butter toast + Turmeric milk
4. grits+ eggs
5. soaked oatmeal + raw butter+ fruit+ maple syrup

1. peanut butter + honey sandwiches
2. quesadillas
3. left overs
4. peanut butter + honey sandwiches

1. corned beef and cabbage
2. roast chicken + potatoes + asparagus
3. curried lentil soup + fresh naan
4. chicken parmeasan
5. cheese burgers + fries + green salad


  1. What's turmeric milk? Sounds really... anti inflammatory! And neon!

  2. It's pretty much that Sarah! Plus a little bit more.

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