Monday, October 08, 2007

lots of time in Pennsylvania

We spent part of our hot weekend in Lancaster City. A cute little place an hour outside of philly.
Lancaster is smaller, with what I think are more friendly shops. There was a whole bunch going on. A fall art walk friday night. Where the galleries are open late for all to come in and enjoy the works. Some galleries even served wine and cheese for refreshments. Unfortunately there wasn't much for 19 month olds to do but scream for attention. So thats what Sam did. But the next morning, at the central market, they had a band, breakfast and ballons. The kind you can get made into sword shapes. That was fun for us and Sam. The whole time we were blessed to enjoy the company of the Yoders, who are great friends and live downtown. Thank you Yoders. We will be back.


  1. What a lovely little trip. My aunt lives near Lancaster in Manheim (I think). So beautiful back there!

  2. you are welcome an ol time!

    much love,