Monday, October 01, 2007

w.i.p.: patchwork knit blanket

I don't think I'll need to keep you up on the entire process of this blanket. It seems as if it might take me forever. Let alone in time for the birth of this baby in January. Of course like I predicted, I had to cast-on and recount several times. But because of the nature of the pattern, I made the mistake of forgetting to switch stitches in time to keep my squares accurate. So out come the 200 stitch rows. Oh, this is not a project to do in tandem with anything else. Hopefully as I go along it will get easier and easier to perfect.

Thank you to this wonderful lady and her beautiful little man, I now have the pattern for my next project!


  1. i've been knitting a hat for liv's evelyn rose since she's been born. it's been unraveled and started again approximately six times. i'm having a hard time getting the circular knitting down, i suppose. i hope your blanket comes out beautifully and with less stress than some of my projects. neat needles, by the way!

  2. a patchwork blanket sounds nice. are you doing it all in the oatmeal/white color? what patterna re you using