Friday, November 30, 2007

All I want for christmas::

I've been spotting things that catch my fancy. You know along with the other things that I already knew I wanted for some time now. Besdies I think even adults should have Christmas lists.

1. an iPod. yeah, I know. I still don't have one.
2. this sweet little jobbie. A girl can never have too many bags
3. anything and everything from this shop.
4. these boots. A size 7. I'll save them for my non-pregnant feet.
5. Amy's book.
6. such a cute tea set don't you think?
7. I love these cards.
8. this beautiful yarn
9. these chairs to go around
10. this table

Whats on your list?


  1. it's all so cute! i especially like that little Lotta Jansdotter bag!

  2. mm. beautiful boots! wanted to share the boots i got recently rocks my pregnant puffy feet with such comfort!
    you are almost there with #2! stay warm.

  3. Gee, I guess I'd better start making one, huh? I get so caught up in buying for everyone else that I forget to give my hubby time to order me stuff ;o)