Thursday, February 14, 2008

I heart babies in my bed

Joel showed Sam some vintage ( super nintendo) video games. He enjoyed it way to much and asks for the monkey games several times a day. He also continually tries to connect and power the system up by himself. After a couple days of this I decided it might be helpful to hide the evidence of its existence. So I put the controllers on top of our bookshelf. Sam spotted them and started making his way up the shelf. I'm not sure what to think really.

This valentines day morning Joel and I woke up with both babies in our bed. Even though this was at 5:30 a.m., it was still cute.

I made some little plans for tonight. Martha's ever so popular felt fortune cookies,

a new table setting,
for dinner and dessert.
My sweetheart surprised me with Amy Karol's Bend-The Rules Sewing!


  1. Martha has NOTHING on you! My word, so pretty.

  2. So awesome. Good job, Grace. I would show pictures of my Valentine's table, but everyone knows what boxed wine and Chinese takeout looks like.

  3. come you are so awesome. I went to the grocery store for Valentine's Day. Can you say losers? (We had a rough week, oh well, next year!) Jeff did get me some Debbie Meyer Green Bags for V-day (they keep fruits and veggies fresh)...we are so romantic! :-)

  4. mm. babies in my bed.. i love the title. soon to be able to share the same sentiment. :)

    and look at that boy CLIMBING! it's amazing how little kids can be soooo focused and go after it.

    how is sam handling having a baby sister? i've been asking around alot and reading books on siblings...