Sunday, February 17, 2008

mcdonalds is the worst

Yes thats right folks, sometimes we just go ahead and eat it.
It was one of those days and it just seemed right. (even though it wasn't.)

I actually got to set up my sewing machine and start a dress for phoebe. I'm using a pattern that I've had for a while, but I'm going to make a few alterations. I chose to make the small, but it is looking like it won't fit until September. Arg. I guess thats better than it being to small right?
I'm very excited to see if I can finish this project. I don't always make it around to completion.

My husband had me finally watch 300. I'm a fan of greek mythology and the like, and since I'm not bothered by gore in the least, I enjoyed it. That is minus, the over abundance of inappropriate nudity. (when is nudity appropriate?)


  1. Yes, minus the nudity, I adored 300. I thought it was great. And yes, mcdonalds is the worst (especially when you're really craving french fries and those nasty mcnuggets in your pregnancy: I know it's not meat, but it is so stinking yummy!!)Oops, did I just give myself away. It doesn't help that I've read so much literature on the subject and then I end up in the drivethru ordering from the "value menu".

  2. yeah, i almost wish i never tasted fast food and just knew the facts about it. maybe it would help me stay away.
    i thought 300 was alright. i wasn't a huge fan.