Tuesday, April 29, 2008

it's a rainy day

We've been getting rain since Sunday night. I love the rain. Something about the cool, fresh, clarity that comes will it. Of course its not really fun to get rained on or be wet,.. so it was time for these.

I originally had a pair of these in mind, but at that price and the dollar being what it is, This pair won. They were a mere $26. Now thats what I'm talking about. Bring on the showers.


  1. Great deal on a cute pair of rain-boots!

    I ended up not getting the Hunters as well. There was no way I could justify paying that much for them.

  2. Nice boots sistren. I wore mine to Spokane on Tuesday because it was snowing/raining, but wouln't you knoe as soon we got out of Moscow, clear sunny skies. I was dumbly dressed for the occasion.