Monday, April 28, 2008

whirlwind weekend

Well, we had an awesome time at the shower. Pam did such a wonderful job with everything! The drive was perfect and this kids were great. It was so nice to be back in PA. We got home Saturday just in time to realize we had the flu. I don't mean the stomach kind, just the one where every inch of you aches and you need to wear 7 layers of clothing to feel like you might be able to function. This didn't stop us from having our dear friends the Spanos over after worship on Sunday. (It was planned way in advance). We had oh so much fun! I planned a meal of Lamb and pan roasted veg, that my mom ended up cooking because I wasn't feeling well. It all turned out amazing.

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  1. Cute boots, pretty cake, and oh, how I love lamb!!! Hope you are all feeling better! We've been sick here too, no fun!