Friday, April 25, 2008

over night get away,....

We (Sam, Phoebe, my mom and I) are going to PA in a couple hours. We are going to a bridal shower for a good friend of ours. There is some packing and cleaning going on and anticipating a 4 hour drive with two little sprouts. This shouldn't be too bad given the fact that there are 2 adults going. One to drive, one to tend. I'm off to finish up, and let trogdor-a.k.a. Sammy boy run free in the the yard before strapping him into the car. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


currently reading:

,and loving it.


  1. Hi! It is Les, leaving a comment for Jeff.

    Can't believe you were so close and we didn't see you! Well, can't wait for May!

    Love to you all!

  2. Yeah, totally. All those yellow in red curtains in this issue were blowing my mind.

  3. Just got that issue myself! We've never gotten Domino before (ended up getting a trial subscription since another magazine went belly-up) and I love it!