Friday, May 30, 2008

100th post!

My husby bought me this. I was driving a VW beetle around. I liked the car, but it wasn't easy crouching in to buckle the two cats in. Besides, the double stroller couldn't even get near it. Now I've got the room for three more. At 25 I am thrilled about an old mini van. Sheesh. What does this all mean?

I should have reached 100 posts a long time ago. But I have been back and forth about this blog so often. I'm just recently posting on a somewhat regular basis. So here's to a hundred more! Hopefully I'll get better at posting intresting things. Thank- you to everyone who come here to read about my little corner of the world.


  1. Congrats on reaching 100 :)

  2. Hi Grace,
    congrats on the 100th post and on the new car! I wish I had one like that, our little ford is about to burst everytime we go away . hope the little ones are well x

  3. so good to be with you briefly this weekend...let's start planning our reunion!

    much love!

  4. oh my, i'm having major van envy right now...crazy the things we crave now, yes?

  5. Hey mini van mom, join the club. I have a turquoise one, much like yours only it has a little fender scar, making it more ghetto. I wouldn't mind a trendy SUV or a subaru, but my mini van is very reliable and convenient.