Monday, June 02, 2008

weddings and swedish oatmeal pancakes

Went drove to PA this weekend to visit loved ones and to see some loved ones get married.
It was a beautiful affair. Complete with dining, toasting, and, dancing. Reformed folk sure know how to party. I have a hard time getting pictures lately. And I'm not sure what to blame it on. We didn't get a single picture of the wedding. Ceremony or reception. All I have to offer are pictures of our awesome brunch at Wish You Were Here in downtown lancaster after Sundays worship service. My dad graciously treated us all to the best breakfast I've had in years. Seriously, this place was so good it reformed my view on breakfast. Particularly pancakes.

We love Lancaster city as shown to us by some other loved saints.


  1. love the really was the best breakfast. it was the food and the company!!!

    love to you all!