Wednesday, September 03, 2008

peachy chicken variation

I make this dish called peachy chicken a lot. I first ate it at my mother-in-law's and was in love with it ever since. I make it so very often. No one was really complaining, but I thought switching up the meat would be a good idea. Well it was. Meet peachy pork.

In other news, my little sister gave birth to the prettiest baby girl in the world Monday afternoon. Congratulations Stevensons!


  1. looks yummy...pass that recipe along!!!

    congrats on the newest niece Miss Lily. I agree...she is so cute. Your mom sent us a picture!

    Miss you!

  2. It looks fantastic! Would you mind sharing the recipe??? Hope your day is going splendid! Hugs.

  3. this vegetarian thinks those peaches look juicy and delicious!

  4. That looks so yum!