Friday, April 24, 2009

because pregnant girls want to look cute too

I'm really feeling this outfit on anthropologie. But I don't go for those kids of prices.
So here's my budgeted version.

The necklace is the same, the dress is Old Navy Maternity :$30,
and the croc knock offs are from Target $7.


  1. Cute! Love the necklace and the dress. I just can't handle crocs. ;-) At heart, I'm a stiletto girl all the way...comfort be, uh, --accursed (?)!!

  2. I know what you mean abra. I can't really do crocs either. They are really just wrong. But I have a really stylish (and posh) friend that wears them so good I'm half convinced. Maybe they could just stay in the backyard with the kids. :/

  3. Excellent adaptation, sistren. I think that is very cute. May I do you one even pennypinchier? Mary Jane style crocknocs on sale for 3 dollars at WalMart? I am wearing some right now, to both my pleasure (comfort wise) and dismay (Mom shoes from WALMART)
    So I strongly suggest the oxmoronic choice.

    P.S. Everyone (including people I don't know names strangers) want to know when you guys are going to be here.


  4. Alexis, as for the crocs at walmart, can't find them. And strangers asking about our arrival date might be weirding me out. Unless they are supposed nice strangers, in which case tell them there might be a huge backyard party sometime in June when all may come. Bring your own food and chairs.

  5. The necklace is fab. The dress is fab. I can't condone the shoes on anyone over the age of five :)

  6. Believe it or not people, I'm very excited about these shoes. Very excited.