Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new ticker for little minds

I went and got a pregnancy ticker. Sam has been having trouble grasping the whole concept. I brilliantly let the news slip a week or so after we found out. 8 months is obviously too long for a 3 year old to wait for a new sibling. He asks if "the baby is ready to come out now" on a bit of a regular basis. We've been telling him not until Thanksgiving. At least now he has a bit more of a picture. And I think its helping.


  1. I love the baby ticker! soo cool. it makes me think back to my pregnancy 27 years ago, it is a blessing that oyu never forget! My pal Sam will understand more as he sees your belly grow! happiness to all!

  2. Thanks Castiglione's! It is a blessing that you never forget. :) Hope you guys are well. looking forward to seeing yo Sunday!