Wednesday, August 12, 2009

let the madness begin

I always take a break from knitting some spring/summer. But faithfully the itch comes back. I'm not sure if this is right on schedule or early but,.. I was beginning to miss the feel of needles in my hands. I just recently joined Ravelry. And I'm not sorry I did so. I found a pattern for this hat that I spied all last winter on Urban outfitters. So I was beyond thrilled to find it. I didn't have the right size yarn to work it so I used what I had as a trial, it came out miniature. A perfect fit for little miss Phoebe. Also her self proclaimed favorite color is Yellow.


  1. Oh my word - I LOVE that! It is gorgeous! Can you send me the pattern link?

  2. Liz, I put the link right in the word pattern. ;) Hope it works.

  3. this hat! and what a fun site -- thanks for the link!