Monday, September 21, 2009


I know its very early to be schooling a three year old. But, he has been diligently asking to learn to read all summer. He also pays a grand share of his attentions towards time telling and numbers. So I figured we could start out slow.
So far he has been a great encouragement to me. He's eager and excited. Asking to do "school" for a second time during the day. Little miss kitty, who will not be left out of anything, has been learning her colors. But in truth she is a bit more of a distraction that anything else. We love her all the more. So, here's to another week.


  1. i'm so glad i stopped by here and noticed that you're still blogging! :)
    it's so great that you're homeschooling! i foresee a difficult road ahead of me, as i recognize jacob's different strengths and weaknesses. it's our only option, so i hope it will inspire me to get more creative instead of frustrated. are you using certain curriculum already? if so, which?

  2. My guys want to be home schooled so bad. I think after we move (probably down south--NC) we're going to do it. Glad you're going for it!