Monday, October 19, 2009

my students


  1. I love the phonics museum so much! to answer your question: I made up my own pattern, yes, I buy gerber diaper covers and they work great and I used flannel for these diapers because they are super absorbant. Have a lovely day.

  2. So, at church today, we had a guest who was from the CREC in Brooklyn named Julia (she's ukranian)I asked if she knew you and she said "oh yes, did you know she moved to Moscow, ID?" I had no idea. Somewhere along the way, I didn't realize that "the boonies" equated Moscow. That is our dream place to live. We wanted to make the move for years now. Maybe some day. Did I ever tell you that my hubby used to go to the CREC in Santa Cruz? At the time his pastor was Bill Garaway, who's daughter married Nate Wilson. He's friends with the O'Donnells, I'm good friends with Hope Brownlee. We know a bunch of people there. Anyway, Small world, very small world. Hugs!