Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6 years

We had our sixth anniversary on Saturday. And to celebrate our continued bliss, we went out to a restaurant called the Black Cypress with James and Alberta. We enjoyed some insanely delicious food. I got the catch of the day. Which happened to be sturgeon. A completely freaky, prehistoric, monster of a delicious fish. The brilliant chef here served it over roasted brussel sprouts, and potatoes with a mustard cream sauce. So good. We shared a bottle of wine and the ordered "S'mores" Homemade brownies, homemade marshmallows, ice cream and crispy sort of wafer thin graham. It was surely a taste from heaven.


  1. Happy Anniversary Grace! So happy you had some time away to celebrate.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'll go wipe the drool off my face now - those s'more brownies sound amazing.