Friday, March 05, 2010

Sabbath Dinners

At the end of the week we try to gather our collective families together for sabbath/family dinner. With some sort of mock feast to remind us of home. We are growing at a steady pace. And we had out grown our four chair Ikea table from our first apartment. Here is the upgrade. With room for 10. It currently has 8 chairs around it. Just enough for everyone to eat together.
Even with all the prep and work it takes to get all the food and kids ready, and tear-free, it still feels like rest.


  1. nice! and a very pretty display. good inspiration. now if I could just stop doing pizza night on Saturday night!

  2. I love your pussy willows! That's what they are, right? Where did you find them?

  3. so pretty! i once spied glassware like that for cheap at a bargain outlet but decided against them because i couldn't think of how to make them look nice without looking too granny (like, bad granny). you totally nailed it with the blue though! is the new table from ikea as well?