Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I put my children on the potty when they are 8 months old. Not quite as early as some others. Mostly because its cute. (see above for proof) But also because it makes for less diapers and wiping. Have any of you ever heard of this elimination communication method? Or tried it for that matter? I think its worth it.


  1. I'm planning to do EC with Estella! Maybe in a couple weeks we'll start. Gotta figure out my approach.:)

  2. He does look cute, I'll give you that! But I have no experience with potty training :)

  3. Grace! I've been doing this with Gina but haven't really talked to anyone else about for fear that they will think I am a crazy hippie mama. Which I guess would be right... Anyways, she is almost three months and it's working great so far. I am amazed at how fast she picked it up. We'll have to talk more sometime.