Thursday, September 02, 2010

she picked out her shirt

I made a trip to the nearest target this Monday. To get our new pets, ( which I'll tell you about in a minute). Its an hour and a half away. Yuckers. But, boy are we a happy bunch when we get in there. I always forget the wonderful clothes they have for kids.

So these are the girls. We have spent some time these past three years, planning and planning again, how we could keep some chickens in our backyard. I am an animal lover, but since becoming a mother, children seem enough of a task, to wait on the family dog. But chickens? Chickens make my breakfast.


  1. What an exciting adventure. I would love to see more pictures and information about how you built their cage. How you cover their cage during snow and rain. And what you learn, that is required of taking care of said chickens.

    Maybe we'll have chickens one of these days. Though I must say, I think I might like an indoor cat first. :)

  2. You got chickens!? Jayson is going to want to know all about this. Never having been much of an animal lover, I confess that the idea of touching a chicken gives me the creeps, but Jayson wants to get some by next summer and teach the kids how to care for them. The only kind of "pet" I would want is one that pays for its room and board somehow. ;) Let me know how it goes!

  3. Well, I think Phoebe has great taste. Maybe she will pick out some clothes for me...
    Yay on the chickens! Your little coop is great - hope they are laying well for you.