Tuesday, October 19, 2010

babies like to walk outside too

I am shopping shoes for the baby. He is a confident walker of 2'3". And Robeez just don't cut it for the cold ground outside.
I think these, found on little fashion gallery are quite fabulous.

But here is a pretty good looking version from Old navy for half the cost.

I might have to go pick up a pair.


  1. i just bought my first pair of soft-soled robeez-like shoesies at target the other day. luke is just starting out the biped life. these are very dapper! i am taking notes. :)

  2. Ever seen Livie and Luca shoes? Really sweet! ...and for a pretty penny, but if you check ebay you can find some good deals on them sometimes. They are wonderful as far as being soft on a baby's foot but being sturdy enough for them to treck around in...love 'em!

  3. I have seen them. They are super cute. I need to get better at Ebay. It scares me.