Friday, October 15, 2010

happy weekend

I know, I already talked about my canning fun, but I think they are very pleasant to look at. Here are some of my favorites this week.

I really do like sesame street.

We loved watching this story unfold live.

I stopped using plastic produce bags a long time ago. But these seems to be a much better option than my apples and squash rolling around on the belt.

I am certain this magazine will be nice to read. ( I'm still not over Domino's crash)


  1. I'm still not over Domino, either. And what is it with Sesame Street lately? They've been popping up everywhere. Something to do with their 60th or was it 40th anniversary maybe? (I only know that because they were on cake boss... haha). But yes, thank you for the links. Love the produce bags.

  2. I love the "wear it in a clippy or in a bow". What a fun clip. I haven't seen Sesame Street in years! (since I nannied, I guess!) And yes. Those bags are awesome. I might need to crank some of those out!