Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pardon my absence. We have been working on little to no sleep lately. It seems we have some sleep training to do. I'm in the process of reading this book, and I am very hopeful. Do any of you with young children have any suggestions or tips for getting a 10 month old to sleep regularly?


  1. First, I need that book. Second, when you find someone with tips, post them here so we can all get some sleep :)

  2. Have you read either Babywise or The Baby Whisperer? I've done Babywise for all three boys. Worked great with Jack and Isaiah, not so much with Patrick. He was still up every 3 hours at 10 months. So it took some work in addition to Babywise's schedule technique. The Baby Whisperer method is basically to gradually get the baby used to sleeping without mama or nursing. It took about a week of just standing next to his crib for a couple hours every night (Dan and I switched nights) and laying him back down, putting our hands on his back, laying next to his crib, etc... Tiring but it worked. My big tip is to listen to something on headphones during these long hours to keep you awake and sane. The library has both these books and I own a copy of Babywise if you want to borrow it. Or stop on by if you want to hear more about it.