Friday, October 01, 2010

We are going to pick apples and press cider with the kids tomorrow. This is what I'd love to wear.

What are your plan for this weekend?

oh right here are a couple fun links I found this week

One day I'll go to this.

Check out all this wonderful goodness.

Are these the most outrageous shoes you've even see?



  1. Love that outfit. Also, I've never been apple picking, I am jealous of that, too.

  2. Never Ali? Oh man. Do it. You won't ever regret it.

  3. We are actually supposed go apple picking Sunday but may postpone. I planned on doing a lot of nothing this weekend but I went out with girlfriends for Ethiopian food and to see Waiting for Superman (very good) last night. Today taking my son to his swimming lesson, then we have a re-shoot of family pics, then cleaning the house... looks like my weekend of nothing is not off to a good start

  4. How was the apple picking?
    Loved looking at your links...'specially "spool"