Tuesday, January 18, 2011

progress on the jacket

Yeah, not that much progress. I know. Please don't be so hard on me. I'm really trying.
I am past the point at which the sleeves will be attached and, I am 2 inches down in stockinette, when I need to be 10 and a half. But I'm still motivated! I'll update you again. I really wanted to talk about my next potential project.


I've done baby booties, but what I am referring to here, is a pair of sock that will please a full grown adult. Either Joel or I will do. I am still on the hunt for some beautiful yarns. Something
like this, or this even. Theses hand painted ones are so beautiful!

claudia hand painted sock yarns
I know socks don't last forever, but I'll be using something like a size 1 needle. Do you know how small those are? They are very small. Small enough, that after all the knitting is done, and my fingers stop bleeding, I want the finished product to dazzle me.
So I need do some real good research. Has anyone done socks before? Ali? Do you have a favorite pattern? I would gladly accept any help at all. :)


  1. The color of the jacket is so beautiful! I've yet to attempt a full sweater, let alone socks. Do you have a local store that sells pretty yarns like these? Or do you just order online?

  2. that jacket is going to be marvelous. I am still so dazzled by the cable knit part.

  3. Thank you girls! I love the color too. I bought it at our local Michaels. Just before our lucky little town got its own yarn shop next to my husbands office! They carry lots of pretty yarns just like these. And I will be making my next purchase from them.

  4. Wow. So honored to be mentioned in a post!:) I have only made 2 pairs of socks, neither of which fit me very well. HOWEVER, that was 3+ yrs ago, so if I made them now I am sure I would have much more luck with them. The nice thing is, they're so small that even with size 1 or 2 needles they go fairly quickly. However, if you are looking for something to really dazzle you, I'd say that these might do the trick:
    I've been wanting to make them for a while, but just had too many other projects going on. OH and your sweater is looking mighty fine!

  5. Hi Grace, have you sen the CD at the Yard Underground titled The Zen of Socks? A friend of mine from church designed it and she makes wonderful socks. Her name is Mary Jo Hamilton, you may have met her around town, but if you don't know about the CD yet, I have heard it is fabulous. I hope you and the family are doing very well this winter, can't wait to see everyone again once the market opens. In Peace, Donna Mills

  6. Donna yes! I'm hoping she is at winter market this Saturday.

  7. Love the jacket. The cables are very impressive.

  8. oh the world of socks.. nope- haven't done any. I'm afraid to - afraid I'll become as addicted with them as the rest of the knitting world :)

    love.. er LOVE that jacket. I'm tempted to buy the pattern and make it for Nova. Has to be the cutest little jacket I've seen!

    (I've drooled over all the Purl Bee's yarns... I want to open my own purl bee..)