Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I like the children

I want to have some of these print in my kids room. Yes their collective room. They love being together. I can't see us separating them boys and girls yet. Phoebe would be too lonely. And the boy would miss her so. It is very cute to see them so stuck on each other. And this is really fun for me. For more than one reason. But one of those reasons being that I love the idea of the gender neutral nursery. Full of things all children love.

Here is the border on the sweater with out the button holes. Even though the button holes are complete. I"m getting so close I can smell it.


  1. Looking good. That thing is in the home stretch and you are sooo close!

  2. Beautiful sweater, Grace. I loved having my kids all in one room and kept them together as long as it made sense.

  3. i agree on babies/kids sharing rooms, Nova is too little to share with Miles, but some day they may share.

    nice work on the jacket.. I think Nova needs that one, too. inspired by you! ;)