Wednesday, April 20, 2011

play dough

We made this dough on Friday morning using this recipe I got from a friend .
I used regular food coloring and essential oils in peppermint, lavender and grapefruit. We are very pleased with their consistency. All except the lavender. I over cooked just a bit, and is an obvious color fail  but no one else seems to mind that it's black.

Play Dough
3c. flour
1 1/2c. salt
2T. cream of tartar
3c. water
3T. oil
food coloring

Mix dry ingredients together in a non-stick pot. Add water, oil and food coloring (to your desired color) to dry mixture and cook over very low heat until dough becomes solid (only a few minutes). Don't over cook or it will become dry and brittle. Remove from heat and knead until smooth. Let cool. I divided the complete mixture into three separate bowls before cooking and  added the color and oils before I cooked them in separate pots.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I should get some food coloring.

  2. awesome! I am doin' it! I like that you put them in small canning jars. Great idea!

  3. I will definitely try this. My son loves play dough. Whenever I'm making dough, he always want some to play with. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just made my very first batch of homemade play dough yesterday, but it was for a project Jonah was doing at school, so I was forced into it. ;) But I'll definitely have to do it again.

    Also, for the coloring, a friend of mine in TX used to add a packet of Kool-Aid (the unsweetened variety) to the dough. It provides ample artificial color and makes it smell fruity. Could be fun, except that the kids will inevitably want to eat it if it smells like strawberries... :)