Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because the farmers market starts next week


A girl's got to be ready. 
But there is something I should tell you, it still barely gets above 50 around here. So Even thought I"ll be there, I surely won't be wearing this. I can dream can't I?


  1. You're like me...I start to pull out my summery clothes, then sigh and reach for my boots and sweater instead.

    It will day, who knows when. But spring will come.

  2. Oh, the farmers market. I am so ridiculously excited for it.

    I also wouldn't say no to that outfit, either. That's cute! But maybe now Moscow-In-Early-May-Cute... maybe like Moscow-In-End-Of-June-Cute.

  3. I'm always super excited for the first Farmer's Market... and somewhat disappointed all the same, because not much produce is available yet.

    Maybe you should create an ensemble with rain coat and splashy bright rain boots?

  4. Yes, realisticly this should be raingear. I like to buy my garden starts early at the market. They have wonderful prices.

  5. Okay really, I want to see what you ended up wearing to the Farmer's Market. I always see these cute ideas for Easter, and Farmer's Market and other sprining occasions, but we all end up in the same drab winter gear. We need to get creative and come up with some warm fun spring clothes. And when I say "we" I mean all of you amazingly stylish and creative ladies. Yes, I am begging.